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Humanities Faculty

Key Stage Three

At Key Stage Three, students study alternate half term topics in History and Geography, under the subject title of Humanities. Students also study Personal, Social, Health and Religious Education (PSHRE) The faculty has developed a strongly student led approach to learning, with pupils encouraged to work well in pairs and groups as well as on their own. The Humanities Faculty believes in providing students with a variety of learning opportunities, so students will frequently get the opportunity to present, speak, annotate, sketch and design their ideas, as well as developing their literacy and numeracy skills. Throughout Key Stage Three, we offer students a variety of engaging topics, such as ‘My Manchester’ in History ‘The Middle East’ in Geography and ‘Ethics’ in PSHRE. Our faculty goal is to inspire your child to take an interest in the world around them, develop a clear understanding of their culture, heritage and community and become excellent collaborative learners with a keen analytical eye. We offer students a variety of enrichment trips across the Key Stage to supplement this learning and enthuse them further. In the past year our students have visited local castles, caves, museums, cathedrals and rivers to enrich their understanding of History, Geography and PSHRE.


Key Stage Four

At Key Stage Four, students are given the opportunity to study either GCSE History, Geography or Religious Studies. These are well respected academic subjects that will assist in developing high levels of literacy and analytical skills. In GCSE History, students will examine how surgery has changed in Britain since 1850 and be able to explain how attitudes to crime and punishment in our country have changed over time. Our Geography GCSE offers the students the chance to examine the physical and human elements of Geography, involving studies of local rivers and local tourist attractions. GCSE Religious Studies allows students to analyse how attitudes to some of the biggest questions in life differ between some of the world’s major religions and allows students to develop a deeper understanding of ethical issues. Finally, the faculty offers a BTEC in Business Studies. This qualification allows students to gain up to the equivalent of two GCSE’s and is strongly vocational, with students taking part in live sales events, planning businesses and learning the core values of running a successful business in a 'hands-on' manner.



Mr M Weiner – Head of Faculty

Mr M Rogers - History Teacher / Assistant Headteacher

Ms D Atherton-Spence – Head of SRS

Ms Z Clarke – Teacher of SRS

Ms N Duncalf – Head of History

Mr P Slater – Head of Business

Mr S Shropshire – Teacher of Business / ICT






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