Remote Education Provision

Daily Home Learning

We realise that trying to support your child at home can be challenging. We've made a list of suggestions that help balance school work, exercise, helping out family and free time for your child.


We encourage your son to read each day! 30 minutes of independent reading will improve his vocabulary and develop his literacy. We use Accelerated Reader to track reading in Year 7, 8 and 9. Students can access their account here and complete quizzes on books they have read. Quizzes should be taken within 24 hours of finishing a book and will help assess and develop comprehension skills.

Every student also has access to MyOn, an online library paid for by the school. It can be accessed here. Your child's English teacher will be able to view their reading habits, assign reading projects and make recommendations for improvement.

If he needs help accessing any of the above, please email Miss Mayer,


At least 30 minutes of fresh air and exercise a day will really help your child. A walk with the family, some football, or a workout video will all help improve physical health, as well as promote good sleep and positive mental health.


Many of us are now spending an increased amount of time in front of a screen, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or TV. It is important that you encourage a healthy balance as well as monitoring your child's online activity. 

We recommend the National Online Safety app which provides important information to help you keep your child safe online. Find our more and download the app here