Success & Results

The performance of our boys is exceptional: we are amongst the top-performing schools in England.

Subject National Figure for Boys: 2019 Burnage Academy for Boys: 2022 Burnage Academy for Boys: 
Above national average
English -0.45 +0.86 +1.31
Maths -0.02 +1.04 +1.06
All -0.21 +0.89 +1.1

The best education in the sector is available here. Boys at Burnage achieve higher grades here than they would have at:

  • any other school in Manchester
  • any other school in the North West
  • any other school in the North of England

​To put it another way, boys who get Grade 3s in other schools get Grade 4s here. Boys who get Grade 6s elsewhere get Grade 7s at Burnage, and boys who get Grade 8s in other schools get Grade 9s here.

This year, our pupils achieved an outstanding 90 Grade 9s, 129 Grade 8s and 131 Grade 7s. Our pupils have a strong track-record of progressing to Further and Higher Education, with alumni working in the fields of medicine, education, science and more.

When looking at individual subjects, our pupils achieve higher grades than their peers in every single subject that we teach.

If you'd like to see what makes us the best place for boys in the North of England, please get in touch for a personal tour.

Full Pupil Performance data.