Exams information



Years 7-10 Exams Information

Year 7 Exams Information

The CATS tests are usually scheduled to take place during the first half term of the academic year.

Year 8 Exams Information

There are no formally timetabled exams in Year 8.

Year 9 Exams Information

Year 9 mock exams take place during May and June.

*More information we be available nearer the time.

Year 10 Exams Information

Year 10 mock exams take place during May and June.

*More information we be available nearer the time.


Year 11 Exams Information

Mock Exams

Maths/English only: November

ESOL: December

All subjects (apart from ESOL): January

Some subjects: March

*More information/timetables will be available nearer the time.

External Exams

The Summer 2024 GCSE are scheduled to take place between 9 May – 19 June 2024.

*More information/timetables will be available nearer the time.

Document Title Date Download
Preliminary Summer Exam Timetable 2023 24 08 Nov 2023 Download

JCQ & Policies

JCQ Documents

The following documents can be found on the JCQ website:


For school policies relating to exams please click here or contact the Exams Officer, Mrs Cawley (s.cawley@burnage.manchester.sch.uk)


Results & Certificates


GCSE Results Day for Summer 2024 is taking place on Thursday 22 August 2024.  Information regarding results, collecting results and Post Results Services will be sent out in July 2024.


Certificates for school leavers are usually available from mid-November of the year they left. 

Please be aware that the school is only obligated to hold exam certificates for 1 year.  However we may have uncollected certificates from 2022-2016 archived.  Certificates must be collected by the student where possible.  If you wish for someone else to collect them on your behalf, please contact the Exams Officer, Mrs Cawley, (s.cawley@burnage.manchester.sch.uk) to make arrangements.  We cannot post certificates.

If you left school in 2015, or before, we will not have your certificate.  Please contact the relevant Awarding Bodies to get a copy of your exam certificates. 

How can you help your son to revise?

At Burnage Academy we recognise that exams can undoubtedly be nerve-racking (for both Y11 students and their parents). Often, parents will watch over their son during the holidays or 'study leave' and wonder to what degree they should be helping.

So, with that in mind, our staff at Burnage Academy have put to together some top tips (for both parents and students) on how to help your son revise effectively.

Document Title Date Download
Dealing With Exam Stress 16 Oct 2023 Download
Y11 Revision Tips 16 Oct 2023 Download