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Headteacher's Curriculum Statement

To achieve our goal of every child being the best that he can be, we have to have the best possible curriculum. What most people not involved in education mean when they talk about the curriculum is the subjects that are taught. That is just part of the picture.
The main reason that we chose to become an academy was that we wanted to control our curriculum. The national curriculum that schools other than academies have to follow, is old fashioned, backward looking and does not prepare children for the world they will be going into. Our curriculum is rich, diverse and will stretch the children - it is what we call the  'BAfB Three-Part Curriculum' (see below).
The curriculum includes all the subjects that you would expect your son to study but we will deliver these in ways that are relevant, exciting and creative.

The BAfB Three-Part Curriculum

Part 1

The corner stones of our curriculum are English, Maths and Science. Every child must master these and they are our priority.

We also have a rich diet of the humanities (history and geography), the arts and technology subjects, all of which are vitally important.

How well we do can be measured by the levels of progress our boys make when they take their GCSEs and final exams.

Part 2

The second part of the curriculum is what we call our entitlement curriculum. We believe that every child has a right to experiences that in the past only the children of the better off could afford.

We will therefore give every child the opportunity to: go to the theatre; watch a live sporting event such as Manchester United playing; stay overnight at our Outdoor Education centre in Buxworth; visit a museum and an art gallery; take the Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver awards; have a study visit to a University; partake in Works Experience; visit a major industry and the list goes on and on.

How well we do, in part, can be measured by the numbers of boys who go on all these activities.


Part 3

The final part of the curriculum cannot be measured. For this reason governments tend to ignore it but without it you do not have an education, you have at best what you can call schooling. Values.

We will teach our boys through the content of our lessons; through the experiences that we expose them to and through many other means at our disposal, to be compassionate.

They will learn to share not just materially but their skills and attributes. They will value charity and helping others. They will learn that we must live in a sustainable way and not waste the resources of this earth.

There is something called the Golden Rule which goes back through history and is found in every religion.

In short we will teach the boys that ‘One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.’


That is the Burnage Academy curriculum offer.

Mr. Ian Fenn, Headteacher

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